Drone IQ-H4

Multispectral drone

The IQ-H4 multispectral drone is equipped with a multispectral sensor Parrot Sequoia with 4 bandwidths (green, red, red edge, near IR) to produce maps which allow the assessment of crop health, NDVI maps, weed infestation maps etc.
these informations can be subsequently used for selective spraying, using a spraying drone or a ground vehicle.
Also, the drone can be equipped with a Sony 20 MP RGB sensor, for visual orthophotoplans.
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Robot IQ-R1

Self-propelled robots for agriculture

Designed through a collaboration with renowned experts in the field, IQR1 is the first autonomous multifunctional farm management platform in Romania.
It can perform selective spraying, intelligent input distribution and field data collection, working in various autonomy modes:
– manual: the operator fully controls the robot movement;
– semi-autonomous: the operator plans a mission and supervises the execution, having the possibility to manually override the mission;
– autonomous: the robot executes the entire mission without operator intervention.

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