Autonomous mobile robotics for logistics and agriculture.

We are among those who believe robots can and will be useful to man, helping and making his work less painful and repetitive.
We have exactly one goal when designing our robots: make them useful to man. The studies we have conducted confirm it: we spend far too much time on repetitive and tedious tasks, with no real added value. Let our robots take care of this.
Focus on the essential.

Our robots are made to make your life easier: you won’t have to learn how to use them.
Our goal is not to introduce you to yet another complicated tool that requires a dedicated manager…
Our robots are autonomous and work alone: just set it up once and enjoy the improved productivity of your field or warehouse.

Forget the robots are even here. Let them worry about you.
For our robots to be actually useful to you, we have given them a foolproof artificial intelligence. They are autonomous and safe: you will not need to worry about them as they will move aside your way if they find themselves in your path.

Drone IQ-P6

Selective Spraying

The IQP6 drone is designed to perform fully autonomous missions of precision spraying, using a spraying map.
With an autonomy of about 15 minutes,this drone type may cover up to 10 hectares of land in one mission*.
Our specialists are available for a demo session!

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