Consultancy services for precision agriculture

Our specialists can assist you in choosing the precision agriculture solutions that best fit your specific activity. Because precision farming is less popularized in Romania and interest in this area is increasing,we thought we offer farmers advice center designed to facilitate access to the latest information in the field. You should contact one of our specialists today!

Services using agricultural drones
Drones equipped with multispectral cameras can be used for the composition of NDVI maps, maps of crop stress caused by water scarcity, crop growth monitoring etc.
Selective spraying
Selective spraying is the latest technology that involves the use of intelligent farming robots, using maps generated by multispectral sensors, that apply herbicides with an accuracy of a few centimeters, according to the areas marked as such on these maps.
The digitization of agricultural parcels
An important step towards adopting precision farming is the digitization of agricultural parcels. The immediate benefits are optimized delivery of inputs, the use variable rate technology (VRT) and the possibility of using detailed maps for tracking the parameters of various crop types.

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